Nuno Sequeira, General Manager and Surf Instructor

Nuno Sequeira, General Manager and Surf Instructor

With 41 years of age, has more than 25 sliding the waves. In his childhood and back in the long summer vacations, spent the days at Caparica´s small white water waves until age 15 when started more seriously within Bodyboarding, activity in which became Vice Champion of the University National Championship in 1998 along with a degree in European Studies.

Though changing his Bodyboard for a Surfboard on a few occasions, the final change came only in 1999. At the same time, Nuno return to the University and to the area that always fascinated him (Sports). Today he is one of the few academically skilled professionals in Surfing: Graduated in Sport Sciences with specialization in Surfing by the Faculty of Human Movement. His internship supervisor was Prof. Miguel Moreira (now the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s Technical Director), recognized Coach and researcher of this sport. Nuno also conclued the II Post Graduation in Surfing at the same University in June 2011.

Nuno Sequeira was also Assistant Teacher at the Faculty of Human Movement where in 2011 / 2012 taught the Surfing module in the subject of Didactics of Physical and Sports Activities I. Besides this academic positions Nuno also has the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s Instructor Course since 2003 and worked alongside some of the most respected portuguese coaches like David Raimundo, Hugo Zagalo, Pedro Soares and Nuno Telmo. Currently, Nuno was also one of the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s Instructors Courses Head Coaches in 2014.

Like all other surfers, Nuno also has some favourite waves: Carcavelos, some "secret" beaches of Caparica and Praia da Rocha tops the list in Portugal. Have also traveled to surf in places like Hawaii, California, Florida, Maldives, South Africa, Mozambique, Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Dubai, Ghana, France, Spain, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Cape Verde (islands of Sal, Boa Vista and S. Vicente) so he knows what means to "be on the other side" and this reflects the friendly way he welcomes surfers and visitors from all over the world in his city and beaches.


Susana Lucas Coelho, Surf Lisbon - The House Manager

Susana Lucas Coelho, Surf Lisbon - The House´s Manager

Susana´s the Surf House Manager and coordinates all services related to it. Born and raised in Lisbon, Susana loves her city and the wonderful beaches that surround it so she will always be available to recommend you the best that our beautiful city has to offer.

Graduated in History of Art, Susana is the person you will look for when the ocean is "flat" and you need some tips for a cultural tour in Lisbon. In her spare time, Susana also join the group to enjoy some waves since she can no longer live without surfing that came into her life for more than six years now.


Bruno Matos, Surf Instructor

Bruno Matos, Surf Instructor

Born in Lisbon, in the year of 1984, but moved to Caparica at early age where lived all his life until nowadays. Started boogieboarding at 7 years old and started surfing at 17 which makes already 17 years standing tall on a surfboard.

Bruno is completely passionate about sports and activities connected to the ocean. His hobbies, besides surfing when he´s not teaching, are diving, skateboarding and spearfishing. He also travels the most possible searching for new places to go surfing. Already surfed in Brazil, South Africa, Cape Verde, France, Spain, Indonesia and Azores.


Ricardo Pina Vaz, Surf Instructor

Ricardo Pina Vaz, Surf Instructor

42 years of age, graduated in Civil Engineering at ISEL and former Top 16 national and Top 40 European surfer.

His first steps in surfing started really early in the 80´s shortly followed by the first competitions in the youth ranks since 17 years of age, competing ahead for about 15 more years both nationally and internationally. Having been considered "rookie of the year" in 1999 in the portuguese open championship.

Ricardo began to teach surfing in one of the most prestigious surf schools in the country in 2003/2004, having as students two of the best portuguese surfers at the moment (Vasco Ribeiro and José Ferreira) and later with his own school from 2005 to 2008.

Ricardo started his work at Surf Lisbon in 2014 and is now one of the resident instructors who works all year round. He´s also the responsible for the intermediate and advancded levels lessons to help these surfers to improve their technique and wave approach.


Tiago Rosa "Tobias", Surf Instructor

Tiago Rosa, Surf Instructor


Tiago is 39 years of age and started surfing in 1987. For 10 years he competed in the youth and open national competitions and his best result was a 3rd place in the under 18 category in 1996 (Tiago Pires, the first portuguese surfer in the World Tour, was the winner of that event).

Tiago always dreamed of working in the surfing industry so when he started to work with Surf Lisbon this was not only the fulfillment of a dream but also a personal thing which "made me more accomplished and a happy man", according to Tiago´s words. He is a certified instructor under the Portuguese Surfing Federation course which along with his 30 year practical experience gave him a more technical and in-depth view of surf coaching and methodology.


Hugo Mergulhão, Surf Instructor

Hugo Mergulhão, Surf Instructor

At 40 years of age and with more than 20 years surfing, Hugo is the teacher everyone wants to learn with: dedicated, responsable, always in a good mood and ready to start a new chat out of the water.

Graduated in International Relations and with the Commercial Line Pilot License he´s getting ready for higher "flights" in his career but for now keeps working exclusively at Surf Lisbon and providing the best surfing experiences to our clients.