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Surf Lisbon Kids
Surfing Lessons for Children between 4 and 7 years old / Summer Clinics
"When children begin to surf, they become not only healthier and looking life in a good way. They become children with striking and confident personalities themselves." (Grutemberg, 1987)

In this initial surfing state, the overall objective is to provide a quality education and to engage the child in the context and culture of surfing, on a cheerful and safe environment.
The specific goals address the multilateral development which has essentially to do with the adaptation to the aquatic environment and at a later stage by the development of basic motor qualities indispensable for learning the Surfing techniques.

Other goals, in a more advanced and medium / long-term stage, is the formation of surfers and competitors.
In these lessons we apply an appropriate method considering the children┬┤s age and technical level, with special attention to safety through the use of appropriate equipment ("softboards", for example) and preferably with private lessons: 1 kid to 1 Instructor.

Watch a video from one of our first kids lessons.
These sessions have a duration of 75 to 90 minutes including Warm Up, fun games, main part in the water and cool down.


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