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Ondas e Praias
Lisbon picks up all the north, west and south swells from the Atlantic, making surf conditions very consistent. From May till October, the waves are smaller but you can always expect waves of 3-5ft with really great water temperature. During winter the swell size is always bigger, making it a place for those looking for challenging surf. Even for beginners there are lots of sheltered spots where the waves break perfect while in most exposed spots can be stormy.

From the wild and uncrowded sandy beaches of Caparica to the urban spots like Carcavelos (famous for its winter barrels) or the point break of São Pedro do Estoril you can find a big variety of surf breaks in the Lisbon area. Also, we are a short driving distance to beaches like Guincho, Praia Grande, Ericeira (World Surfing Reserve) and Peniche, famous for hosting one of the ASP World Tour events that brings professional surfers like Kelly Slater among others to Portugal in October.

All this plus the beauty of a city with almost one thousand years of history makes Lisbon a priviledged surfing destination.


The nearest break from Surf Lisbon - The House, at only 2 minutes walking distance. Only works on big winter south / southwest or west swells but if you get the right tide and wind (offshore winds come from N / NW / NE) you can score some barrels on the perfect lefthander that breaks near the pier. On really big swells you have a righthander point break at the opposite corner of the beach.

Santo Amaro de Oeiras

One of the best point breaks in Portugal! It works with big winter NW / W / S / SW swells. If you are confident, you can jump into the peak from the rocks in front of the castle, but make sure you time it right or you'll be washed back up onto them. It's a heavy, fast and often hollow wave which will be populated by the best surfers in Portugal, so make sure you let them have their waves. Basically, GO BIG and don't stop. This can be one of the best waves in Portugal when it is on. In Summer, you will see a lagoon, so best to come between September-March when the Winter swell rolls in.


Another winter spot, sheltered from the big W and S / SW stormy swells. When every spot is blown up and stormy you can find some small but perfect rights near the fortress, on the right side of the beach. For advanced surfers you also have fast and hollow waves, breaking left and right, on the center and on the left side of the beach, near the jetty.


Carcavelos is Lisbon's gem. When it's on, like from 4 to 8 feet, you have multiple peaks to both sides along the large beach. All hollow and with some juice with shallow sandbars. One of the best beachbreak's that Portugal has to offer. It works with NW / W / S / SW swells and offshore wind come from N. Fits every surf level from beginner to professional.

S. Pedro do Estoril

Another righthander point break that holds swell. It´s longboarder´s paradise! Long rights from the outside peak until the shore. Good spot also for beginners due to the soft and long white water waves. At paddling distance, you have Bafureira, a spot for more advanced surfers, another righthander point break but a more powerful and tricky wave.

Costa da Caparica

Actually, Costa de Caparica, has 30kms of beachbreaks. From the city center, where the jetties and the beach orientation makes waves bigger and with more defined breaks, to the wild and uncrowded south beaches. Depending on the swell and the sandbars you can find a dream wave just for you on the south of Caparica. Works all year round and is better with NW / W swells and winds from the East. It´s one of the places our school goes often due to uncrowded waves and the beauty of the landscape. Its one of the places where Surf Lisbon has its location, with uncrowded waves and a beautiful landscape along with a great bar at the Beach.


Want to have a really different surfing experience? If you are lucky and your stay at Lisbon Surf House matches with the elements you can surf a wave generated by the ferry boats that cross Tejo river every morning coinciding with a particular wind/tide/sand equation. It's a 45-minute drive from Lisbon -- pretty much in the middle of nowhere.


One of the most beautiful beaches around Lisbon... Lefts and rights with many spots along the beach. A good alternative when the waves are small at the spots near the Surf House but better to surf in the morning before the wind shows up. Hosts lots of national and international surfing competitions all year round.

Praia Grande

Situated in Sintra area it´s one of the most consistent breaks near Lisbon. A good option for those flat summer spells, Praia Grande rarely hasn´t got rideable waves. Hosts the Bodyboard World Tour event in August / September every year.


The region of Ericeira has been recently awarded as World Surfing Reserve. It´s a world-class surf zone encompassing approximately 8 km of coastline. It contains a high density of outstanding surf breaks, including iconic breaks such as Ribeira d’Ilhas and Coxos, among others.

The coastline of Ericeira is dominated by rocky cliffs, and these are what gives the area its character, along with its famous beaches located in small bays. The diversity of waves in the area, along with their various degrees of difficulty, enables good surfing conditions for all levels of surfers, from beginners to professionals. Also, Ericeira is home to regional and international surf competitions. Ribeira d’Ilhas currently hosts the Quiksilver Pro Portugal each year, an ASP men’s prime professional contest.


The peninsula of Peniche offers both north and south-facing coastlines. The result is the finest surfing conditions everyday regardless of the swell and wind direction. The Peninsula of Peniche always offers you a beach where the wind is off shore, creating perfect waves. Along the 15 Km of coast line you can find more than 20 surf spots for all levels of surfers, from beginner to advanced.

Annually, in October, its famous break of Supertubes hosts one of the ten events of the ASP World Tour of Surfing, the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Surf Lisbon Team is always there and will take you to see all the action live with Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, Gabriel Medina, among others.